Manifesting Abundance Using Law of Attraction – Through Writing

Communication with the Universe

Writing is one of the most traditional ways of expression and this is primarily because what is committed to paper is never forgotten. This explains why many philosophers recommend manifesting through writing or simply known as journalistic manifestation. In this piece, we shall discuss some of the tried and tested ways of this kind of manifesting with a view to enhancing awareness of one’s environment and solidifying a sense of individual purpose.

Insist on Your Achievements

One of the best ways to manifest through writing is to focus more on your achievements and less on your failures and shortcomings. Write down your successes, especially the most recent ones and as you marvel and delight in them, take inspiration from them to achieve even more. Enumerate plans that will ensure you move from your present comfortable situation to an even better one.

Visualize Your Success

At times, you may not have much to brag about already but this doesn’t mean you should stop looking forward to it. Command what you do not have yet and act as though you already have it. Visualize how successful you are as this is a great impetus for initiating those grand moves that will propel you to greater life spheres. Write down a story of how you took up that great business deal and made a killing out of it and fictitious at it may, it could just be a matter of time before you write the real thing.

Proceed with Passion

Without passion, you can achieve virtually nothing. Passion is an indispensable way to manifest through writing. Passion entails sparing moments every day so you can write down those marvelous experiences you have had in reality or otherwise. Treat journaling as a cult and celebrate every deed with a profound passion. This way, you will be able to appreciate every moment in your life as you will be able to see something positive out of it.

Using the Law of Attraction

Even as you manifest through journaling, never remember the vital role played by the law of attraction. We have already seen one close application of this law – focusing on success as opposed to your failures. Therefore, free your mind of those racing and pervasive thoughts and instead fill your mind with what will build you into a better individual. And if you want to operate on a totally different level, then you must know how to use the law of attraction to your advantage. Pick up the Manifestation Miracle PDF from here –

As the saying goes, good attracts good so surround yourself with positive people, ideas and ensure the aura around you is one marked with optimism and positivity.